Paediatric Emergencies Conference 2020

Paediatric Emergencies Conference

I have been thinking of setting up an annual Paediatric Emergencies Conference for a while now, but due to other projects I haven’t had the time. The conference will deal with the initial resuscitation and stabilisation of the critically ill child in a similar way to that covered in the Waiting for the Paediatric Retrieval Team section.
Paediatric Central Venous Line Insertion

Paediatric Central Venous Line Insertion

This step-by-step guide to the procedure of central venous line insertion in children is primarily aimed at those new to the procedure, however clinicians familiar with the procedure in adults will still find some key pearls on how to modify their standard technique to achieve a high success rate in small infants.
Bronchiolitis – Waiting for the Retrieval Team Conference 2019


Bronchiolitis is a viral infection of the lower airways, most often in infants but can affect children up to two years of age. It is commonly caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), although it can be caused by numerous other viruses and it has a peak incidence in the autumn/winter...
Septic Shock – Waiting for the Retrieval Team Conference 2019


Urgent semi-elective intubation and ventilation should be undertaken if there is ongoing signs of shock unresponsive to 40 ml/kg of fluid resuscitation or if there is airway obstruction/loss of protective airway reflexes at any stage (cardiovascular resuscitation should occur before induction of anaesthesia)...

About Me

Dr Christopher Flannigan

Dr Christopher Flannigan

Consultant Paediatric Intensivist - Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

I’m a Paediatric Intensivist from Northern Ireland and my goal is to improve the care delivered to critically ill and injured children. I have a particular interest in the initial resuscitation and stabilisation and in the use of information technology in the clinical environment. I have designed a number of medical applications which have been shown to improve emergency prescribing. If you have any comments or queries please drop me an email

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