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This episode covers ‘Paediatric Critical Care Pearls’ 11 – 20. This is the second episode of the multipart series. Click on the link below to view the first 10 Pearls.

Paediatric Critical Care Pearls – Part 1 

The Pearls

  • 11. If the lactate isn’t clearing in your septic patient reconsider the diagnosis or change your current management
  • 12. Remember to saline suction the endotracheal tube following intubation of children with bronchiolitis
  • 13 . Avoid routine administration of muscle relaxants following intubation in children with status epilepticus
  • 14. Beware of the child with an unexplained tachycardia
  • 15. There is no such thing as a cardio-stable induction agent in a septic child
  • 16. Use push dose pressors and peripheral vasoactive drugs
  • 17. Bedside ultrasound is the quickest way to confirm or rule out a pneumothorax
  • 18. Don’t wait till you have a dedicated CPAP machine to start giving PEEP
  • 19. Consider using cooled or warmed fluids if your patient needs a bolus
  • 20. When inserting a central line in small babies transfix the vein using a cannula (don’t use the needle)

I’m always on the search for new pearls so if you have any please get in touch in the comments section to share yours and I’ll feature the best ones in a future podcast.

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