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This episode covers ‘Paediatric Critical Care Pearls’ 31 – 40. This is the fourth episode of the multipart series. Click on the links below to view the first 30 Pearls.

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Paediatric Critical Care Pearls – Part 2

Paediatric Critical Care Pearls – Part 3

The Pearls

31. Early antibiotics are not enough – they must be appropriate

32. Know your dead space

33. Use caution when choosing the site for a central line in a cardiac baby

34. Never insert an ulnar arterial line and only use the brachial artery as a last resource

35. The first action to take in the peri-arrest ventilated asthmatic is to disconnect the endotracheal tube from the ventilator

36. Ensure the ventilator, tubing and filters you use are suitable for critically ill children

37. Don’t rewarm the post arrest patient and insert a temperature probe

38. Avoid Magnesium and Phenytoin in cardiovascularly unstable patients where possible

39. Use the quantitive approach to acid base interpretation

40. Position your capnometer between the angle piece and the circuit rather than at the end of the angle piece


I’m always on the search for new pearls so if you have any please get in touch in the comments section to share yours and I’ll feature the best ones in a future podcast.

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