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This episode covers ‘Paediatric Critical Care Pearls’ 21 – 30. This is the third episode of the multipart series. Click on the links below to view the first 20 Pearls.

Paediatric Critical Care Pearls – Part 1 

Paediatric Critical Care Pearls – Part 2

The Pearls

21. The best endotracheal tube is the one in the trachea

22. Remember the external jugular vein in difficult access and don’t forget about scalp and umbilical veins in neonates

23. Avoid the 3 H’s in traumatic brain injury (Hypoxia, Hypercapnia and Hypotension)

24. Use lactate as a marker for occult sepsis

25. Don’t forget pH, steroids and calcium in shock refractory to vasoactive drugs

26. Use adrenaline in life threatening refractory asthma

27. Don’t forget to send ammonia in the collapsed neonate or any child with reduced consciousness of unknown cause

28. When giving drugs and fluids to critically ill children remember you can always give more, but you can’t back what you have given

29. Aspirate nasogastric tube continuously during face mask ventilation

30. Don’t believe the label the patient comes with or accept the current treatment plan without question


I’m always on the search for new pearls so if you have any please get in touch in the comments section to share yours and I’ll feature the best ones in a future podcast.

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