Intubation Course – 30th April 2024

Simulation Course – 1st May 2024

Paediatric Emergencies 2024 – 14th November 2024

The Paediatric Emergencies Intubation Course is taking place on 30th April 2024 and the Paediatric Emergencies Simulation Course is taking place the following day 1st May 2024 both at Riddel Hall Belfast. Tickets go on sale on 12th February 2024 at 18:00 UK time. Paediatric Emergencies 2024 will be a free livestream on YouTube taking place on 14th November 2024. More information coming soon. For more details and to get your ticket visit the Intubation Couse Webpage, Simulation Course Webpage and Paediatric Emergencies 2024 Webpage