In the above video I compare seven video laryngoscopes and 11 blades using theĀ Trucorp Airsim Advance with Difficult Airway 2, which is without a doubt the best intubation model I have had the pleasure to use. In the second half of the video I modify the model making it even more difficult in an attempt to separate the video laryngoscopes.


Featured Video Laryngoscopes

1. Airtraq channelled

2. Airtraq non-channelled

3. C-MAC Mac 3

4. GlideScope Low Pro S3

5. GlideScope Mac 3

6. King Vision Size 3 channelled

7. King Vision Size 3 non-channelled

8. McGRATH Mac

9. Medan Size S

10. Vimac Mac 3

11. Vimac Mac 3D

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