PE22-Paediatric Endocrine Emergencies

Paediatric endocrine emergencies quiz

Paediatric endocrine emergencies quiz

This short quiz allows us to ensure there has been some learning through watching this video. Although this quiz is optional, we are unable to provide you with a certificate unless you complete it along with the feedback form.

A pass mark of 80% is required to pass.

Confirmation of participation

10yr old girl presents with tetany, gas shows iCa 0.7. What is your next step?
3 month old with 22Q deletion, presents with stridor. Gas iCa 0.6, you commence emergency treatment of hypocalcaemia. Below what level of Mg requires emergency IVI MgSO4?
2 week old boy presents with shock, Na 122, K 6.5 on gas. What is your next step?
A 1 year old girl presents with seizure, BM 2.1, history of recurrent hypoglycaemia. What is your next step?
Teenage boy attends your clinic with fatigue, weight loss, vomiting. You note his face, knuckles are tanned. GP checked FT4 8pmol/L, TSH 23mU/L. What is your next step?