Paediatric Emergencies 2021 – Traumatic Brain Inury Quiz

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

This short quiz allows us to ensure there has been some learning through watching this video. Although this quiz is optional, we are unable to provide you with a certificate unless you complete it along with the feedback form.

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The most important aspect of emergency treatment of a large extradural haemorrhage is:
Cushings triad is a description of pending brain herniation. What are the clinical aspects of the Classical Cushings triad?
Immediate management of impending brain herniation includes the following:
4. Management of pCO2 is important in traumatic brain injury because:
A 10 year old with a significant contusional head injury has a Hb of 70 g/dl and a MAP of 50. What are the two most likely causes?