Paediatric Emergencies 2021 – Septic Shock Quiz

Septic Shock

Septic Shock

This short quiz allows us to ensure there has been some learning through watching this video. Although this quiz is optional, we are unable to provide you with a certificate unless you complete it along with the feedback form.

A pass mark of 80% is required to pass.

What is the best choice ETT for a child with sepsis requiring intubation?
What is the safest induction agent combination for RSI of a child with sepsis already in shock from the choices below?
Which of these inotropes can safely be given peripherally as an infusion at dilute doses (choose all that apply)
Select all that apply.
Using potassium containing balanced solutions (Hartmann’s /Ringer’s lactate or Plasmalyte) during fluids resuscitation of a shocked child in 10ml/kg aliquots is… (choose all that apply)
Standard neuroprotective measures in a child following resuscitation include (choose all that apply)