Push Dose Pressors

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This application provides the healthcare professional with a method of titrating inotropes and vasopressors in a controlled manner without need for an infusion. ‘Push Dose Pressors’ allows critically ill adults and children to receive quicker access to lifesaving vasoactive drugs. Designed to provide stability while a standard infusion is prepared or when haemodynamic compromise is expected to be short-lived e.g. induction of anaesthesia. In a matter of seconds this application provides doses and administration instructions for following:

• Adrenaline
• Ephedrine
• Metaraminol
• Phenylephrine

The easy to use interphase means the user can quickly find the information they need and make this application a real joy to use. Important design features include:

• The ability to provide an ‘estimated weight’ for children using the latest versions of the Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) formulae.

• The flexibility of preparing medications using either a ‘Fixed Volume’ or ‘Fixed Concentration’ method.

• ‘Fixed Volume’ means the concentration you make up each time will vary depending on the patient’s weight, however you always administer the same volume.

• ‘Fixed Concentration’ means the drugs are prepared in the same standard concentrations each time, however the volume administered each time will vary depending on the patient’s weight.

This application is a must for any healthcare professional who as some stage may find themselves looking after an acutely unwell patient.

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