Adult Intubation

In the videos below I compare six video laryngoscopes at both oral and nasal intubation using the Trucorp Airsim Advance with Difficult Airway 2, which is without a doubt the best intubation manikin I have had the pleasure to use.


Featured Video Laryngoscopes

1. GlideScope AVL – Size 3 Stat
2. GlideScope Titanium (Single-use) – LoPro 3
3. GlideScope Titanium (Single-use) – MAC 3
4. MCGRATH – Size 3
5. Airtraq SP – Size 2 (Oral) & Naso Tracheal (Nasal)
6. C-MAC – MAC 3

Oral Intubation Comparison Video

Nasal Intubation Comparison Video

Paediatric Intubation

In the video below I compare four video laryngoscopes at both oral and nasal intubation using the Trucorp Airsim Pierre Robin model.

Featured Video Laryngoscopes

1. GlideScope AVL – Size 1 Stat
2. MCGRATH – Size 2
5. Airtraq SP – Size 0 (Oral Intubation Only)
6. C-MAC – Miller 0

Paediatric Intubation Comparison Video


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