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In this episode the quantitative approach to acid-base interpretation is explained with examples of how to perform the calculations at the bedside. For further learning I suggest visiting the Acid-Base section on the EMCrit Website. Details of the Acid-Base Calculator App can be found below.

Acid-Base Calculator App

Here are the codes to download a copy of the Acid-Base Calculator App on iOS for free (unfortunately there is no way to give away a free copy for android at present). Each code can only be used once and are on a first come, first served basis. To prevent others from trying to redeem a code that has already been used, please leave a comment that you have used the code.

Promotional Codes

  1. 779NY7WAYEK3

  2. AM7F7F3NMKE7



  5. EW76R9F7FHXT


  7. PAF49WTHY3L3


  9. 3AKJ46AW6W9H

  10. 77HH9YN7JHMW

Redeeming the code

  • Open the ‘App Store’ on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Click on the featured tab in the bottom left hand corner
  • Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Featured’ page and click on ‘Redeem’’
  • Follow the instruction to enter your promotional code to download the app for free
  • The code will expire in 28 days if not used

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